Saturday, October 07, 2006

Money Talks; Haynesworth & the NFL

Last week NFL Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (#92) purposely stepped on the face of Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode. The play was already complete and Gurode lay on the field without a helmet when Hayesworth stomped his cleat into his face. Haynesworth has a five game suspension, which seems to be a big deal in the NFL. Criminal charges were not filed, although it clearly was a felony assault. There is no doubt that Haynesworth is a nasty individual and this is not his first incident of uncontrolled anger that has resulted in violence. I am seriously bothered by this. I too happen to have an angry temperment. I only wish I were a male species so that I could crush this rage in a productive way like playing football. Instead, I clean and I write. And I watch football. I love football. I like the strategy. I like the massive men who line up on the field. I am moved by their gentleness off the field. When someone like Haynesworth comes along, it ruins the whole game for me. It reminds me that not all giants are gentle. I am disappointed by the punishment that the NFL has metted out. So, I am responding with a punishment of my own. I vow that from this day forward I will not purchase a single piece of official NFL merchandise. It probably won't mean much unless I can convince another hundred thousand folks to take the challenge with me. I don't care though, it will channel the anger I am feeling right now. And no one ends up bloodied.