Friday, February 15, 2008

Girls for Girls

I am recovering from a Valentine induced chocolate high and while I am sure that I am not totally sober, I am sober enough to have regretted accepting the chocolate in the first place. While in a stupor, I was told, by the man that gave me that succulent, calorie ridden treat, that he wasn't voting for Clinton. Big deal, you think, he gave you chocolate (and a wonderful home cooked meal), let him vote for whomever. I would agree except for what he said next, "because she has big hips". Hillary Clinton is a women and grown woman, on many occassions, have hips. They allow us to have laps big enough for multiple children to lie upon. They allow us to swing and sway as we flood the dance floor at family weddings during the Motown Medley. Hips give strength to our mid-sections as we heave and pull and squat and scrub during spring cleaning. Hips, like shiny, black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, are uniquely female. When my male counterpart said, "I am not voting for Clinton because she has big hips", he was saying, "I'm not voting for Clinton because she is a girl".

I'm taking the high road. No arguments, no cajoling, no intelligent dialogue. I'm reaching out to the women in my life, the ones I know well, the ones I've yet to meet. While you consider your choices in the primary election, consider the many things you've heard about women and girls since childhood. Playing on that empty lot with the neighborhood kids, "Girls can't play football". Sitting in class in elementary school, "Girls can't do math". Behind the wheel at 16, "Oh no, another woman driver". Listening to the corpulent man next to you in a restaurant talk about how he "doesn't do fat chicks".

There are some things women have that men do not. Hips are one of those things, friends are another. Pass this on to all your friends and join the "Girls for Girls" campaign. Together we'll prove that "girls can too be president". And wear your shiny shoes so that I'll recognize you in the supermarket.