Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Writer Writes...sort of

I make promises that I cannot keep. You wouldn't suspect. I am so reliable to my family and friends. But I do it nonetheless. I promise that I will quit smoking when I know it is a promise that I am not willing to keep. Maybe I should just promise to think about quitting. I do that all the time anyway. I promise to listen better but I am incapable and often have to ask my kids to repeat the story. This is not fair. A story is not half as good the second time around. They tell me many stories. Maybe I should ask them to tell me only one story a day. Maybe then I could listen better. I wonder what story they would choose. I promise Danielle that I will write a book. Danielle still asks every few months about "my book". I tell her it is fine. I write a little here and there. Sometimes I am impatient and ask " how I am supposed to write a book when no one has clean underwear and my commute to work takes several hours." Where is there room to write? They just nod their heads. Tell me they will wait. They look forward to reading "my book". I looked forward to writing it for a long time but then it seems like such an egotistical thing. Self centered and self absorbed. As though my story is any better than your story. The poor listener asking others to pay attention.

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Danny Meo said...

it is not that any one person's story is better than that of another, but the ability of one over another to tell said story is...keep writing