Friday, August 29, 2008


Loyal readers (all 3 of you) know that I supported Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and much of that support was related to the fact that she is a woman. Having a female fill the highest leadership role in the country, and possibly the world, would have been a real catalyst toward a more egalitarian society. Fortunately, Hillary Clinton had a remarkable legal and professional political career that made her suitable for many reasons other than her gender. I have been quietly adjusting to the reality that I will not have the opportunity to cast that vote and as much as I like Hillary for president, I did not support her as vice president. There is nothing second string about Hillary Clinton. Strategists are interested in people like me. If I am not in it for Obama, there might be a chance that I will be in it for McCain. McCain's advisers are looking closely at what people like me think, what I care about, what I relate to and dream about. They want to be my girlfriend. Today, in the naming of Sarah Palin as McCain's vice president, they figured they found a way to do just that. Palin is cute, she is a mom of five kids and a spunky 44 year old. She is the kind of person who could really be my new best friend. Driving in the car, listening to NPR, I hear coverage of McCain's 72nd birthday and realize that by the end of just one full term he will be 76years old. Considering my new girlfriend as President of the United States is not comforting. It is, in fact, downright petrifying.

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAH- I liked the shirt. I'm still eh about the title, but I liked the shirt.

ps- Have you seen the Obama stuff that looks like this:


Ok, WTF? The man's name is Obama, and its for the 08 presidency. That fact alone could get him nominated. You see, the 8 sorta looks like a B, so what is another B doing in there? For the sake of symmetry?

pps- I have very little insightful commentary tonight. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I am the Republican that voted for Perot which allowed Bill to get in, which in turns allowed Hillary to almost break the ceiling. I am also the Republican that from the onset said Obama will become the next President of the United States. This election, I will cross over for the very first time. McCain's choice for vice-president is your basic " if you can't beat them join them" strategy. A calculated attempt to steal an election with the help of women with race horse blinders. The only thorobread in this election is Barack. The thought of having the oldest President coupled with a spunky, moose hunting, miss congeniality, Jetta driving Governor from Alaska is intriguing....but.... No thanks.....If McCain kicks the bucket ( there will probably be an attempt from a radical and disillusioned women )I don't think a Pat Buchanon supporter should be running the country.

Anonymous said...

Darby Girl,
You have always made it a point with moi to make sure that I get my facts straight before I make a judgment about anything! Well, First of all Sarah is 44 years old and did not just turn 40. However you must read up on her since you feel that you should compare her with Hilary who happens to be one of the White House politicos.I never want to forget the blatant lies that went on with H and her husband Bill. Hilary made fun of Soccer Mom's and Sarah embraces her Motherhood,her Faith and her country.How could you insult her by assuming that MCCain chose her for just the reason that she is a woman. She has actually fought corruption without worry that she would anger the "good old boys". I am still not happy with MCCain but I cannot find any reason to overlook Sarah Palin.Obama is not experienced as one should be to take the office of the Presidency. Not to mention Mr. Biden who has proved himself a blow hard and in the past a SEXIST. Let us not forget the "Anita Hill"debacle.It is very mysterious that one cannot find any video on that panel discussion but I for one watched it and know that he had an attitude towards Miss Hill since he was being pressured to go easy on Clarence Thomas because of the racial overtones at that time. I could very well point out that Obama is popular just because he is BLACK. And I would absolutely be proud to elect a Qualified Democratic Black man to be my President but Osama is not that man..... Now if it were Colin Powell.....we could talk.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous could not have said it any better. Palin has no political ties to anyone. She made it to where she is because of who she is and what she stands for not because of who she is married to. Hillary stood by a man who cheated on her many times. What message does that send -- Hillary never had my support and neither does Obama.

Anonymous said...


First of all, thanks for sending me your blog - I just returned from Wildwood By The Sea (saw your other blog name)to 85 emails and was happy to see my favorite Winthrop Drive girl was one of them. I had emailed you after Christmas (you sent your email address in your Christmas card) at your UofP account but it was returned - it was loaded with OMGs, I can't believe Ali is in college and Mark in high school, etc. I suppose your filters blocked me. So I am happy to connect with you, and now you have 4 readers.

Secondly, it is a very scary thought that a former Mayor of a town smaller than the size of Lansdowne could potentially be President.

Finally, reading your blogs and profile brought back a lot of good memories from the days (I saw Danielle's and Carmen's comments as well as a mention of my little Darby, who must be 30-something now. And I must question, why isn't the Bay City Rollers listed as one of your favorite bands. LOL!!!

Take care and keep blogging.

Lorraine DeLuca Placido said...

I spelled Barack wrong!!