Tuesday, November 22, 2016


It is my birthday. It is nearly Thanksgiving. The two celebrations dance around one another each year, occasionally landing on the same day. That is appropriate. Being born. Being present another year. Even the tough years, I am grateful for the experience of being alive. Born and reborn again as time changes some things, but not everything. At least not at once.  So, on the anniversary of my birth, I wish to thank the people who make this fragile but resilient thing, we call life, a happy one for me. For the gifts they give me each day of the year.

Thank you to my children, Ali & Mark, who have grown into adults who rescue kittens, help old people, say hello to everyone and are optimistic about the future. You give me hope.

Thank you to my partner, Caesar, who walks alongside me even when I am literally and figuratively tripping over myself. I can’t think of a more patient person willing to consider my “brilliant ideas” nor a more adventurous companion to my random road trips. You give me joy.  

Thank you to my step-children, Sarah and Melissa, who make me laugh and help me to look at things in new ways. You give me courage. 

Thank you to my extended family who gather around my table, especially Danielle, Roseann and Carmen, my nieces, nephews and children in -laws, who lend tradition, continuity and allegiance to my life. You give me love. 

Thank you to my friends, old friends and forever friends like Cathy Lynne and Barbara who “knew me when” and remarkably still like me. You give me happiness

Thank you to new friends and work friends who make my life more meaningful through shared challenges and experiences. Those people who are there day to day to share a laugh and to share lunch. You give me solidarity. 

Life is for the living and I am glad to be experiencing it with all of you! 

Happy Thanksgiving.


Unknown said...

Beautifully stated & an awesome read! Thank you for being the kind, generous, intelligent & insightful person that you are & for sharing those gifts with us each & every day!!!! XOXO Karen

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, wish I was there with you and everyone else, but I am here and you all are there and that's ok. Happy Thanksgiving!