Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tapped Out

In a previous post my poor math skills were revealed to the world and that deficit stands uncorrected. Nonetheless, economically speaking, I think I may be getting the shaft. Excuse the slang, there are probably nicer ways to say it, but I think it is time someone spoke clearly and didn't allow words to bundled up like the mortgage securities that are screwing me this very minute. For the past thirty years I have supported certain government programs that led many people to refer to me as a "socialist". I listened to your criticism, I sought understanding, I embraced your "free market capitalism" sermon. I was enlightened. I came to realize that healthcare, education, unemployment compensation, support for families with young children and many other social programs should not be supported by the federal government. In a free market economy, people should be encouraged to work and support themselves. People should not look to the federal government for handouts. So, you will understand my dismay at the turn of events this past week. I think I was just asked to sign a loan for 700 billion dollars with a line of credit to one trillion and I did this for the same folks who told me that handouts were bad for the country. I am sure that I can't afford this loan.

Drop an e-mail to your representative. It is easy and it is free.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You are OTB

Anonymous said...

Darby Girl, I cannot believe that I finally agree with you! Your last blog about the Bail out is absolutely right on. Of course they are not "getting" it and probably never will until our country is no longer one that we even recognize..... I am going to voice this to whomever will listen and even to those who don't want to hear it. We must take a stand. How is it we haven't learned anything from HISTORY?