Wednesday, March 08, 2006

...But my words may have cost me

Today I heard that a writer shouldn't talk too much about what one is writing. Somehow it ruins the creative process. This explains a lot. My first, best and greatest novel has been blown into the wind as carbon dioxide. Tonight, I will call my sister and break the news. In a sense, it is her fault anyway since she is the one who elicited all this verbal detritus. There will be no great American novel born here on Chiswell Drive, it is already buried as a long, languid conversation deep in the atmosphere. So, I expect that she and all the other wonderful conversationalist in my life will understand when I tell them that I will no longer be available for oral circumlocution. Daily briefings will be available here at blogspot. For free. Comments welcome, though not seriously considered. Not so much different from all that hot air that killed my novel.


M. Danielle Dubois said...

Dear Lorraine,
I didn't even know what a Blog was????? What in the world is it really? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Anyway ,I do not appreciate being the person who kept you from writing that novel that you were writing ,the one that I was to go touring with you and end up on the Oprah show and drive in a limo and maybe the screenplay and of course The OSCAR!!!!!!!. Please do not dash my hopes ....And all because of a BLOG???? Duh I am so out out of touch aren't I? Nevertheless, I must thank you for the package you sent today.Where did you ever find such a neat thing as that? Well, please tell me that you will reconsider or else I will have to write a book and I can only write if any one of those romance novels. You know the ones that say "He throbbed for her as he saw her undress and let down her tresses...She has a mouth that tasted like fine wine and he had no choice but to ravage her...... no make that drink in the sight of her ...... Oh forget it ! You write the book sister!

Love, The one who is always your biggest fan
Dee Dee

Lorraine DeLuca said...

Find out what a blog is and how you too can have your very own blog! Danielle,
this link will answer all your questions and Christine, with all your interets and activities, you'd have a great blog and Carmen, well you just NEED a blog.

Lorraine DeLuca said...

See, I am not that cool after all-I didn't do the LINK correctly

Anonymous said...

I think you need to hang out with your grown up friends....we need a good girls night out with some cosmos!!!! You make me smile....

I want to ride in the the limo too!

Love you,
Barbara Ann

Anonymous said...

"Need" a blog? I am that too far gone? It would be filled with stuff
like.. if you see a French Poodle dog in France, isn't it really just a
Poodle? Come on, the French thing is a given, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dating in your 40's is like going to the market on a Sunday night to buy produce. There's not much selection, and what is available is picked over, wilted, and not looking all that great. But you're hungry...really hungry, and damn it, you ARE going to get something to eat! C/
One more thing, your blog about the 50th birthday party was a typical weekend for a 20 year old in college. Isn't time travel great?

Dee Dee said...

Dear Lorraine,
I was lying in bed the other day and thinking to myself and what came to mind was some things from my childhood and I was wondering if you have felt similar senses. As in the smell of our christmas tree,it has never smelled the same as in my childhood. The sounds of Aunts and Uncles in our little row house visiting during those holidays. The ribbon candy that Father Gallagher gave out every Christmas at B|.V.M. I actually won some wrapping paper! In first grade I actually was chosen to walk with the May Queen at the Procession in the Schoolyard. Her name was Mary Ann something. Double Dutch and it took me a loong time to get the hang of it. You know,I still know all the hymns from the May procession. But most of all one of my best memories was walking home from school in the freezing snowy winter and my gloves so cold that the ice stuck to them and opening the door to our house with numb fingers and toes and sitting in front of the heat register and the house filled with Mom's Gravy simmering on the stove......Wow! I felt so warm... so safe ... and so loved...... I hope that I have at sometime in my life made someone I loved feel that way!!!!! Dee Dee