Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quiet Time

It has been four days since I decided, or found out, that I shouldn't be talking so much. So far, no one has noticed. I went to a wild 5oth birthday party on Friday night. Wild and 50 may sound like an oxymoron but no one informed that crowd and we partied like it was still 1978. Maybe it was the 70's Disco music, certainly it was the waiters carrying around trays of cosmopolitans. Rolling into bed at 4:00 AM on Saturday morning kind of screwed up the remainder of the weekend. I cleaned off the porch late in the afternoon and fell asleep after that until 7PM. A hung over dinner at The Cracker Barrel where normal 50 year olds spend their evenings and then slept until noon today. Not much opportunity for talk, between the dancing, alcohol and protracted sleep. Unfortunately, this purposeful silence hasn't inspired my writing. Maybe someone will notice this week.


The Voice of Reason said...

Will you eventually explain what happened four days ago? Do you think you had some sort of epiphany that, if you don't talk so much, you will have more to write about? If that's what you are thinking, then I think I have a better idea. I suppose it isn't very practical, but it might produce better results.

Since you're already using a computer to creat this blog, it wouldn't be too far of a leap to incorporate some speech-recognition software as a way to convert the "talking so much" into "writing so much".

It might be uncomfortable at first, but talking is much more honest than writing. That is if that's what you're after to begin with. You could always read, filter, and/or embellish, and retype later.

Just a thought.

Lorraine DeLuca Placido said...

Voice of reason, What I need is mind recognition and a good editor....I want to post on your blog so you have to write something.