Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nail Biter

I promised to keep this blog up to date but am completely uninspired as well as extremely busy. I have chewed my nails off and am contemplating going to the nail place (salon, but it doesn't look like one) and get a fake set of nails. I will chew them as well, but not right away. It takes an hour and one-half to get a full set of fake nails with polish. That seems like forever and I get restless and anxious. It is not relaxing and it smells and I chew them off. But not right away. Not until I have pranced around waving my long, lovely fauxs at various cashiers and tapping them impatiently at key business meetings. I feel very feminine for about three days until I notice a little space where they have begun to grow out and then the chewing begins in earnest. I have no idea why I bite my nails. They really look ugly and sometimes (as any fellow biter will attest) they really are painful. I bite between typing words, while driving and especially when I read. I bite when I'm anxious but more often when I am calm and contemplative. I hate biting my nails but hate when people tell me not to even more.

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