Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Terror From Within

I wrote this back in September on another blog. I am adding it here because I believe it is worth considering now that the President has slashed funds from the CDC just as H5N1 simmers around the world. Resources are being squandered by this administration which has led to an inability to respond to the real threats to US citizens.

Sep. 11th, 2005 11:30 pm
Four years ago the United States of America was shocked by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. In retrospect, had the towers not fallen, but merely burned on the upper floors, we'd probably have returned to business as usual without having created a Department of Homeland Security, Terror Alerts and the subsequent erosion of some basic constitutional rights. Perhaps even, we would not have been so aggressive in our quest to neutralize Saddam Hussein and may even have avoided the war in Iraq. The towers did fall and well, the rest of the story is history. Holding our collective breathe and waiting for the next attack that we are told is inevitable. Then, just before the four year anniversary of the World Trade Center Attack, a natural terrorist named Katrina slams into the Gulf Coast. Had the levees not broken, this event also would have made headlines and then receded into oblivion as those suffering damages from the storm restored and rebuilt. The levees did break and the story continues to grow as damages, death and accountability are measured. Katrina may have proven the largest falsehood born from nine eleven. The terrorists are not as willing, able or swift to strike as we might have thought. During the first week after the levee's broke,gas prices skyrocketed, looters, murderers and criminals of all genres overwhelmed security in New Orleans, people lay literally "dying of thirst" and the federal, state and local government throughout the United States began sending aid South. Where then were the terrorists? Would this group of people just poised and ready for another attack simply show good manners and not overwhelm our resources when we needed them most? I think not. If they were truly ready to strike what better time than when all our energies and institutions are focused elsewhere? When even a small thing could topple our already shaky economy. But, it didn't happen. No bombs, no planes, no strange men taking photographs at nuclear power plants. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Could it be because our Homeland Security is so strong? I think Katrina proves that falsehood as well. It didn't happen because the terorists we have been taught to fear are not as prepared to strike as we once thought. They could attack tomorrow or next week or next year but they are not nearly so organized and capable as we were led to believe. Thank God for that because as Katrina has proven, neither is the US Government.

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